Virdinia, TN, India

Three young entrepreneurs from the textile sector explored the microalgae industry and stumbled upon spirulina. Their first attempt to set up a farm with a technology firm found via Google proved unfruitful, as the firm lacked the necessary expertise. They then conducted a thorough search and found us. Luckily, no construction had started. We immediately revised the designs and business plan. With bank funding secured, they initiated a 1.5-acre pilot farm, which is now expanding to 10 acres

Virdinia  Spirulina Farming

Our solutions for the Project:

Since they opted for a 1.5-acre pilot project, we assisted in designing it, considering future expansion needs. We planned the plumbing and processing areas to allow for later growth. Following success with the current systems, we are now aiding in their expansion.

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    Virdinia, TN, India
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    Consulting and equipment
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    Spirulina Tamil Nadu, Spirulina Consulting, Spirulina farming
Virdinia Spirulina Farming
Virdinia Spirulina Farming
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